Beard Vape Co

Founded in early 2014 in Venice, California, the Beard Vape Co is distinguished by its most iconic labels and unique logo. Among many e-liquid brands, Bread Vape Co became one of the best know e-liquid brands worldwide today.

A sterile mixing environment is of high importance for the company. All their products are blended by using USA sourced food grade products and flavorings. The company strives to design flavors to meet everyone’s vaping preferences and expectations.

It is worth to note that the Beard Vape Co is successful, as its products are being sold in 6 different continents and all 50 states. Moreover, thousands of people choose this brand worldwide.

Beard Salts e-Liquids are especially made from Beard Vape Co. flavors in nicotine salts e-liquids form intended for pod-based systems. Your favorites and preferences are number one priority for the company when designing and processing any kind of vape-lines.