Yami Vapor e-Liquid

Each flavor comes in a convenient 100ml unicorn bottle and rocks some sweet Japanese art that shows off the flavors they are repping. Featuring uncommon flavors such as Milkgat, a rich caramel flavor featuring a sweet centered nougat and Taruto, a one of a kind take on Portuguese egg tart. You’ll be in a whole new world of flavor. Don’t miss out on Icy Trio either, a cool blend of lychee and other fruits, or Butter Brew, the epitome of rich and creamy butterscotch flavor just waiting to be vaped. Yami Vapor introduces its new Yami Salt vape juice line featuring some of their most iconic eLiquid flavors.All in all, the entire line of Yami e-Liquid is a special take on flavors you will not find anywhere else! Everything about this line goes above and beyond to show you a unique angle of flavors in the vaping world, so be sure not to miss out on trying the entire delectable line of Yami vape juice!